Saturday, 25 October 2008

A picture made of petals on the path in Gertrude Jekyll's garden on Lindisfarne. Reminded me of hindu gods, which was strange for an island in the North Sea!

We actually managed to see Grandma Minnie twice this year, we went to Northumberland for our holiday and stopped off in Sunderland to see Minnie. Stella was very pleased, she enjoys almost throwing herself over the wall at the end of the garden each time the Metro rushes by. Daisy wasn't quite tall enough to see the train, and so got quite cross about missing it every half hour. Brian managed to time it right before we left so that she could see what all the fuss was about. Granny and Grandad were visiting too, so the six of us went to the Baltic and Life in Newcastle, and then came back to Minnie's in the evening. We couldn't persuade Minnie to go out for tea, so we brought fish and chips to her flat instead. She was very pleased and ate every last scrap! Stella writes postcards to Minnie sometimes, she misses out on not seeing her very often. When Stella was born she was lucky enough to have four living great grandmothers, which is quite something. Neither Brian or I ever knew any of our great grandmothers.